Commercial Flooring / Design

Commercial Flooring Design

The use of concrete as a structural material for paving monolithic, is today more and more space in the field of civil, commercial and residential.
New technical, economic and timing of pushing engineers and designers looking for alternatives to traditional systems and materials (marble, granite, porcelain, natural stone).
In this area Vinella proposes a series of innovative, technically and aesthetically exquisite performance that are well integrated into architectural contexts such as exhibition areas, shopping centers and office complexes, external, public entertainment areas, sports facilities and residential buildings, schools, hospitals and airports:

  • Monolithic flooring polished
  • Polished floors with decorative granules
  • Floors, decorative art
  • Pavimentazioni in calcestruzzo stampato
  • Stamped concrete flooring
  • Striped ramps non-slip flooring.