Materials and products for industrial flooring

With our experience in 40 years, supported by the spirit of research and experimentation of new materials and technologies, Vinella produces in its plant, materials and products for the flooring, the line "Durocret"to which associated a range of products and materials imported from international markets and distributed throughout the country:

  • Premixed hardeners for industrial floors
  • Premixed hardener and auxiliary products for concrete paving printed
  • Silicati indurenti per pavimentazioni in calcestruzzo
  • Silicate hardeners for concrete floors
  • Protective seasoning (curing)
  • Techno chemical materials for sealants (sealants and round preforms)
  • Steel fibers, polypropylene and glass for the reinforcement of concrete
  • Techno chemical products and additives for mortar and concrete
  • Products and specialty materials for floors.