Advanced technologies

Tecnologie   della pavimentazione

The industrial flooring sector lived, especially in the last decade, a radical transformation of processes and production.
Great attention has always been dedicated to technological innovations in the field of industrial flooring has allowed to increase Vinella propriepotenzialitą moving from a craft that could be called a real "flooring industry".
One of the flooring industry that employs leading-edge equipment and technologies that enable large production capacities together to achieve high quality standards.

Motograder Laser

Motograder Laser System

System Motograder controlled automatic laser consists of a grader machine equipped with a modern automatic laser control system, which allows for the preparation of the stabilized material to the preparation and leveling of the substrate with a flatness tolerance much thrust.
A condition of absolute necessity for obtaining a perfect plan on which to lay the flooring industry.

Laser Screed

Laser Screed System

Laser Screed System consists of a laser-paver machine, fully designed and manufactured with the most advanced technologies.
Combining modern automatic control systems with laser guide new generations of high precision mechanical, that allow vibrostesura mechanics of concrete, with a premium for the quality of industrial flooring.
The introduction of modern "Laser Screed"represents a real revolution in the field of industrial flooring, as it sets new quality standards essentially related to the flatness, mechanical strength and durability of the pavement .

Flatness and tolerances possible within ± 3 mm in the field of work.
An extraordinary risultalo made possible by sophisticated control system that eliminates the automatic laser Paver made with traditional margins of error typical of manual preparation of the concrete. Indispensable feature for "Laser Screed" robotic storage areas and shelving in intensive care.iva.

Laying of concrete consistency class S 3 (SLUMP 10 - 15).
This allows you to make the best quality of concrete used. The reduction in the water - cement ratio implies, In fact, an increase in characteristic strength with a significant reduction in drying shrinkage.

Vibrating mass of concrete.
Eliminates the formation of voids and phenomena "gravel" in the slab, making it more uniform and consistent resistance of the concrete slab.

Preparation of concrete with aggregate grading curve consists of a maximum diameter allowed by the thickness of the substrate.
Determines the increase of mechanical strength and the decrease of the phenomenon of the withdrawal.

Minimize contraction joints extending the size of the boxes from 10 - 12 to 20 - 25 mq.
Diminishes the weaknesses that can cause the deterioration of the floor.

Ability to run with a double inclined slope
For outdoor areas, airport runways, roads, squares, etc.

Spolveratrice Meccanica

Sprinkle Mechanics

Dusting mechanism is a self-propelled, hydraulically controlled, allowing you to apply the coat to wear, automatically and simultaneously operations vibro preparation of concrete. This is made possible by a mechanical arm extending from a dispenser and, in order to implement the so-called "direct incorporation" of the formulated hardener in the concrete support.