Resin coatings and protective treatments for concrete floors

The industrial floors are often subjected to functional stresses that in many cases greatly exceed the strength properties of conventional materials.
The problem is present in any type of industry, the need arises to supplement or improve the characteristics of pavimentazion and in all cases in which it is subjected to particular service requirements.
This is possible through the use of materials and techno-formulated chemicals (resins), which allow the achievement of good performance standards relating to the increase in chemical and mechanical resistance, easy cleaning, the removal of infiltration and absorption of substances processing and the dusting surface, improved aesthetic characteristics.
Vinella, strong experience in the field of synthetic resins, proposes and implements range of treatments and protective coatings for concrete paving in resin:

  • Tempering treatments
  • Hardening treatment with silicate
  • consolidation treatments
  • Treatments against dust
  • Coatings pellicular
  • Multilayer coatings
  • Self-leveling coatings
  • Coatings spatula
  • Coatings anti-static conductive

These coatings and protective treatments are applied in a specific field of agro-industries, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and mechanical precision, and yet in stores and in warehouses, boxes, garages and car parks, shopping centers, laboratories - workshops, sports centers, airports .